Cops on Film and TV provides a wide variety of advisory and consultation services for those involved with film and television productions depicting policing and criminal procedure. These former police officers’ wide-ranging wealth of experiences ensure authenticity, detail and realism. The information they impart gives an authentic and deep insight into UK policing which undoubtedly enhances the understanding and knowledge of those involved in production, writing and performing.

Cops on Film and TV covers all areas of pro-active and reactive uniform and detective policing.


Malcolm was born in Ilford on the outskirts of London and from a young age believed his destiny lay with the smell of the greasepaint after appearing as Dr. Bradman in Noel Coward’s Blythe Spirit when he was 16.

At the age of 20 he began a thirty-year career with the Metropolitan Police Force and, after three years, joined the Criminal Investigation Department. In 1988 he was first posted as a Detective in Hackney. Malcolm has led high profile reactive and pro-active investigations as well as serving on Borough and Specialist Crime Units, including the Operation Trident gun and gang crime unit and the Technical Surveillance Unit where he managed high-risk covert operations.

Malcolm also holds a Certificate of Education obtained whilst lecturing at the Detective Training School to outside intelligence agencies.

In 2008 an ITV drama about one of Malcolm’s high profile investigations was filmed. He found himself assisting the scriptwriter of U Be Dead and advising the actor who portrayed him, David Kennedy. Malcolm has also worked with David Morrisey when he prepared for his role as a Detective Inspector in the Sky 1 Drama Thorne.

Malcolm retired from policing in 2012 with a number of commendations to his name for leadership and detective work. He then undertook a year’s method acting course, acquired an agent and hit the ground running.

Malcolm has appeared in a number of commercials, short films and theatre including a season of Shakespeare appearing in Coriolanus and Henry V. He has also written and producing a short crime drama. Since retiring Malcolm has also been writing screenplays and has recently been performing stand up comedy in London.


Paul served thirty years in the Metropolitan Police and recently retired as a Detective Superintendent. Throughout his exemplary career he headed investigations into a wide assortment of serious and organised crime on both corporate and domestic scales that spanned all levels of criminal enterprise.

During his service he has worked in collaboration with local and governmental agencies and has vast experience in the importance of working together to achieve a successful outcome. He has addressed diverse groups spanning communities, cultures and backgrounds, developing excellent interpersonal skills in order to facilitate communication and to satisfy specific needs in a coherent and effective manner.

Paul has a passion for writing and has so far completed two books based on his experiences and accomplishments. These stories relate to serious and organised criminality, firearms, gang violence and much more, offering a detailed insight into an undercover detective’s life policing the UK.

Paul has a teaching qualification and a Master’s degree in Youth Justice, Community Safety and Applied Criminology, giving him theoretical expertise alongside his practical experiences in criminal activity and community needs. He is a visiting university lecturer for Law and Criminology students where he discusses theories on criminal activities and safety within communities.


David Morrissey
The Walking Dead, The Other Boleyn Girl, U BE DEAD

“I had the pleasure of working with Malcolm on U BE DEAD and we became friends; since then whenever I have played a copper I have gone to him for invaluable advice on the intricacies of police procedure. Given the fact that the rules and regulations of policing are changing all the time it’s essential to have someone who knows all about modern policing first-hand to advise you. Also, I found it essential to have someone to highlight the differences between the ‘official’ lines of enquiry and the way coppers ‘actually’ go about their work.”


David Morrissey, Actor (The Walking DeadThe Other Boleyn GirlU BE DEAD)

Daniel Ryan
Home Fires, The Bay, Mount Pleasant

“I couldn’t have met two more helpful and experienced ex-professionals to assist me attempting to add that all-important believability to my work. Our conversation went well beyond the technical aspects but into the psychology of the character and to a wealth of detail that I was able to add into the work. They understand exactly how an actor needs to approach a police role, straddling the line between reality and performance. Their knowledge is second to none, but equal to that is their passion for the actor to make our portrayal as convincing and as representative as is possible. Spending time with them was a huge learning experience and thoroughly helped me get my characterisation to where I needed it to be. I cannot thank Malcolm and Paul enough for sharing their experiences with me and I hope I have the pleasure of their assistance and their company on future projects.”


Daniel Ryan, Actor (Home FiresThe BayMount Pleasant)

Lee Boardman
Bancroft, Jack The Giant Slayer, London Boulevard

“We were so lucky on Bancroft to have the expertise of Malcolm and his team from Cops on Film & TV. As an actor it’s vital to find a flavour, a moment of truth or even just some vital facts about what happens logistically when portraying a police officer. Malcolm was always on hand for all of us and I’m so grateful. His advice was invaluable, succinct and detailed. He was just a brilliant presence to have around on set. Thank you so much.”

Lee Boardman, Actor (BancroftJack The Giant SlayerLondon Boulevard)

John Hayes
ITV's Bancroft

“I’ve recently had the pleasure of working with Malcolm as a technical advisor on the new ITV police drama Bancroft. Their practical knowledge and tactical experience proved invaluable and their ability to work with actors and realise what they need to build their characters was a great asset to the production. They understand the practicalities of filming and seamlessly integrate with the cast and crew to make things as easy as possible. Their positive attitude and ability to adapt and problem solve was crucial. They are a great addition to any production and I look forward to working with them again.”

John Hayes, Director of ITV’s Bancroft

Catherine Oldfield
Tall Story Pictures
Executive Producer

Cops on Film & TV have worked on a number of shows for Tall Story including The Bay and Bancroft.  Not only do they have a very ‘can do’ approach but they truly understand the balance between accuracy and dramatic storytelling. They are expert problem solvers, have great contacts and are fantastically good at creative thinking.  They have been much valued advisers to both cast and crew members. Added to which they are brilliantly good fun to work with.”

Catherine Oldfield, Executive Producer, Tall Story Pictures

Gwyneth Hughes
BBC's Remember Me, Five Days and U BE DEAD

So many cop shows on TV fail to get the detail and the atmosphere right. Now there’ll be no excuse! Because every writer and producer can lift the phone and ask for help from two senior detectives with a sense of fun and creativity to match their years of experience in criminal investigation.”

Gwyneth Hughes, Writer of BBC’s Remember MeFive Days and U BE DEAD

Kate Brooke
Bancroft, Mr Selfridge

“It was great to work with Malcolm and his team on Bancroft. They combine different specialisations and between them have great scope and understanding of all things police. Apart from getting the much needed detail right, Malcolm can appreciate that sometimes in television we have to take imaginative leaps – and he is more than happy to take that leap with you. Cops on Film and TV helped the production enormously, and I would have no hesitation in using their services again and recommending them to others.”

Kate Brooke, Writer (BancroftMr Selfridge)

Morven Christie
The Bay

I worked with Malcolm on The Bay, and the time I spent with him and his associate was just invaluable to building a character and feeling confident -not just with procedure, but with the tone of communications with families and colleagues. I learned so much from them that wasn’t on the page, and that fed into my performance every single day. Malcolm was also always just a call or text or email away if I had a question or concern -and that direct line with the authenticity of what I was trying to do was just so important for me in terms of keeping it all grounded in the reality of the job. Can’t wait to work with him again!

Sophie Bicknell
Tall Story Pictures
Development Producer

“We worked closely with Malcolm and Paul on The Bay for ITV1, from development through to post-production. Their many years of experience were invaluable in ensuring the accuracy of the show, and they were able to offer brilliant creative solutions when we needed them. Not only do they have an extraordinary level of knowledge between them, but they also have a wealth of contacts, and answered all of our (many) questions patiently and in great detail.”

Sophie Bicknell – Development Producer, Tall Story Pictures

Daragh Carville
The Bay

I worked with Cops in Film and TV on my ITV crime drama The Bay. Malcolm and Paul were an integral part of the show, from script development through to production. Their hands-on experience of police work was invaluable to me as a writer, and to the whole cast and crew. These guys really know what they’re talking about when it comes to the realities of police procedure – but they’re equally at home with the requirements of drama and storytelling. So often on The Bay they were able to think on their feet and come up with imaginative solutions to story questions. And they’re also an absolute pleasure to work with, with a wealth of stories from the front line of police work and a wicked, p**s-taking sense of humour. Above all they have a real passion for their mission to bring authenticity to crime drama. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Daragh Carville writer of The Bay.