Playing The Detective Workshops

These workshops are quite unique and, whilst still in their infancy, have been a huge success. As a result of working with the principle actors from Police dramas they have worked on Paul and Malcolm have built an understanding of the actors wants and needs when they attend an audition, a cold read or need to improvise. These workshops also greatly benefit individuals who have been cast as Police Officers in Film or Television productions.

Working from scripts the attendees will learn about the rank structure of the Police together with the understanding of crime scenes, arrests, custody office procedure, interviews and press briefings.

The workshops encourage the participants to truly understand the rank and role they plan to undertake, drawing on real police experiences and incidents to enhance their performances.

Next Workshop Dates
Wednesday 20th November 2019

“Awesome class today at London’s The Actors Centre with Cops on Film and TV learning how to be truthful as an actor in Police Dramas. Thoroughly recommended.”

“I thought the workshop was fantastic.

“Such a great workshop today with Cops on Film and TV. Any actors looking for tips on how to play a convincing Police Officer……Check them out. So much fun.”

“They really did make the workshop captivating and interesting, I loved the fact they had the actors up on their feet a lot.”

“Understanding the system, the ranking, the uniform, how you move around a house not to contaminate evidence. Writing things down during interviews. The handcuffs and asp procedures are great. All brilliant to know.”

“It definitely gave me an overall insight into the real world… as cool as it is me wanting to play a cop the workshop did give me a three dimensional overview of what it really means and the responsibility of taking on such a role and why do it?”