Working closely with the production team

We truly recognise that any project is a dynamic process and we have the confidence and belief that we can assist the varied roles of the production team in achieving their aims and visions. Our appreciation and knowledge concerning the range of production demands and responsibilities has led us in being able to offer additional support during the developmental stages of productions.

We genuinely believe that our early intervention into any production can assist in enhancing the knowledge of the cast roles and location. We can assist in creating an environment where the talents of the cast and crew can flourish in their understanding and knowledge of their roles and expectations of the Producers/Directors.

Our assistance and advice will offer support to the day to day operation of the team and potentially offer innovative ideas for a production/screenplay. Increasing  time and money spent in pre-production will indisputably reduce time and streamline costs when the production is green lit and goes into production.

John Hayes
ITV's Bancroft

“I’ve recently had the pleasure of working with Malcolm as a technical advisor on the new ITV police drama Bancroft. Their practical knowledge and tactical experience proved invaluable and their ability to work with actors and realise what they need to build their characters was a great asset to the production. They understand the practicalities of filming and seamlessly integrate with the cast and crew to make things as easy as possible. Their positive attitude and ability to adapt and problem solve was crucial. They are a great addition to any production and I look forward to working with them again.”

John Hayes, Director of ITV’s Bancroft

Catherine Oldfield
Tall Story Pictures
Executive Producer

Cops on Film & TV have worked on a number of shows for Tall Story including The Bay and Bancroft.  Not only do they have a very ‘can do’ approach but they truly understand the balance between accuracy and dramatic storytelling. They are expert problem solvers, have great contacts and are fantastically good at creative thinking.  They have been much valued advisers to both cast and crew members. Added to which they are brilliantly good fun to work with.”

Catherine Oldfield, Executive Producer, Tall Story Pictures

Sophie Bicknell
Tall Story Pictures
Development Producer

“We worked closely with Malcolm and Paul on The Bay for ITV1, from development through to post-production. Their many years of experience were invaluable in ensuring the accuracy of the show, and they were able to offer brilliant creative solutions when we needed them. Not only do they have an extraordinary level of knowledge between them, but they also have a wealth of contacts, and answered all of our (many) questions patiently and in great detail.”

Sophie Bicknell – Development Producer, Tall Story Pictures